Project Fur Japan

Think of the animals. It is all that people like Blazin Aubret and Tristan Careless have been doing. SInce the horrifying disasters that have been striking Japan started, possibly thousands of domestic and wild animals have suddenly found themselves out of their normal element. Some have been injured, many are just probably hiding in their own homes terrified, with their owners either injured or worse, or evacuated and unable to get back to collect them. This is so sad, and I know from personal experience pets just don’t take off to fend for themselves when their owners are missing, they pine, they wait and if injured they will suffer.

People can communicate their needs, animals can’t, so the best we can do is listen to our hearts and act on it.

If you are a content creator, please contact Blazin Aubret or Tristan Careless for info on how to be a part of this upcoming event. They need all the help and support they can get. Below is the notecard being circulated, there is also a video to watch so you can understand the dire needs of the animals, I suggest caution on watching that if you are anything like me.

In my opinion this would also be an incredible event for all of those Breedable people to get behind, spread the word, if you breed in SL you are an animal lover, do what you can to make a difference in RL too.

read more here >>
If you are a designer or content creator plz read here :

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