~ Angel Dessous Final Show 2010 ~ start 12 pm SLT

Angel of Angel Dessous Final on 22.December starts at 12 pm SLT with live vocal artist Pandora Breadbin


we are honored to invite you for joining us watching the Finals of
“Angel Dessous – Angels of 2011”
the glamorous last event for 2010 on the new stage on Blue Sky SIM

The Show will start on 22nd Dec 12.00 pm SLT with one hour live music
on stage with the fantastic singer

~Pandora Breadbin~

The finalists walks will start at 1.00 pm

The show is hosted by Editorial Clarity and Louise McWinnie, photographed by Blackliquid Tokyoska and directed by Leandra Breen

Our lovely finalists are:


Linnda Scofield
Puhi Rotaru
Caoimhe Lionheart
Melanie Sautereau
Jade Spectre
13 Cortes


Aleida Rhode
Darling Tomorrow
Rissa Friller
Ananaya Mai
Diconay Boa
Federica Galtier

12 beautiful finalists are picked and 2 of them will be

~Angel of the Year 2011~

both will get

*** 25.000 money prize each ***
*** A Tiar of Virtual Impressions ***
*** Priviledged for Ad Shootings during 2011 ***
*** Winner pics in SCRUPLZ and BeStyle Magazine ***
*** A set of the famous Manifeste Poses ***
*** A model contract with BeStyle Agency ***

Our Sponsors are:

# Tukinowaguma Hair Style, by KateForster Akina
and AlexWyler Yoshikawa

# Stiletto Moody, represented by Dancer Dallagio
# Manifeste Poses by July Raymaker
# [White-Widow] by Julie Hastings
# SCRUPLZ Magazine
# Virtual Impressions by Chrissy Ambrose
# BeStyle Magazine and Agency by Agtaope Carter

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