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Angel Dessous ~ Angel of September ~

thank you all girls for joining the contest

Angel of Angel Dessous 2010

Flickr: *Angel of Angel Dessous™ Contest 2010*

Angel of September 2010
and qualified for the final 5o ooo L$ contest in December are

Melanie Sautereau / formal wear section
Sabine Mortenwold / lingerie section

**** Angel of  September in Formal/Casual wear ****
Melanie Sautereau
wearing  Symphony / Angel Dessous
**** first runner up in Formal/Casual wear ****
Lilou Cerise
wearing  Iberia, wedding / Angel Dessous
**** Angel of  September in lingerie ****
Sabine Mortenwold
wearing  Rebecca / Angel Dessous

**** first runner up in lingerie ****
Kimber Kassner
wearing  Deeta / Angel Dessous

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