Angel Dessous – EVANE Models Fashion Show

Evane – Angel Dessous Show – 02/2010

You are cordially invited

February 6th at 1:00PM SLT

for the spectacular launch Show of the Angel Dessous Couture line and store. The extravagant fashion show will begin at 1:PM SLT .
The fashion show will consist of both the new couture line and the established lingerie line. In order to secure a seat for the remarkable event be sure to arrive at least 30 minutes early.
The theme of the show is ‘Famous Actresses of Old Hollywood’ produced by the EVANE Models Agency and held at the lovely Blue Sky and Angel Blue Sky sims.
The gorgeous SL supermodels that will grace the runway for the show are:

Mimmi Boa, Agtaope Carter,
Poptart Lilliehook, Linnda Scofield,
Diconay Boa, Livia Mastroianni,
Payton Heron, July Raymaker
and last but certainly not least Leandra Breen.

Angel Dessous Mainstore = Blue Sky =

Wilder Public Relations Firm Inc.: Home

EVANE Model Agency


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